The Future of Online Gambling in India

Online gambling is constantly evolving with the technology of today. It is still relevant. It is even more relevant because it continues to grow with technological advancements.

Grand View Research predicts that the online gambling industry will reach over $100 billion in 202. This is due to various factors, including technological aspects such as the rise of mobile users and the widespread regulation of online gambling.

What is the future of India’s online gambling industry? Let’s take a look at the current industry trends and see if India will regulate internet gambling across India.

If this is true, then why is online gambling so prevalent in India and other Indian states? It’s because in India, there is no law that bans players placing bets at offshore online casinos.

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It is not permitted for licensed Indian casinos outside of states that regulate online gambling. To be legal, offshore online casinos must accept Indian Rupees to offer their services.

Online gambling has been banned in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The same blanket ban was also enacted by Tamil Nadu and Karnataka in 2020. The Supreme Court quickly intervened and struck the amended online gaming bans.

The Madras High Court ruled that the actions of the two states were illegal and prohibited people from engaging in any other profession. According to the High Court, these two states could still make amendments in relation to the industry.

Both states are still determined to address the growing gambling problem in their respective territories. Tamil Nadu works on a new amendment, while Karnataka plans to challenge the Supreme Court’s decision.

As more people get used to gambling via their smartphones, sports and online casinos in India have become very popular. India regulates gambling in three states.

These people are most likely going online using their mobile devices. It makes sense that online gamblers are playing more of their favorite games via their phones.

According to ENV Media’s report, 87.16% of online gamblers play on their smartphones. While 12.38% gamble on their desktops, 0.46% do it on their tablets.

Maharashtra and Telangana are the most mobile gamblers. They use a majority of brands like Vivo, Samsung and Vivo. Oppo and Realme are also popular brands in the country.

Goa allows online gambling but it is not yet able to accept mobile gamblers.

Many online gamblers use Android phones to play their favorite casino games. The mobile trend is expected to continue as more powerful and affordable smartphones become available in India.

While there are gambling laws in India already, the industry is still regulated according to the 1867 law that was passed back when the internet was not yet available. Online gambling is not mentioned in the Information Technology Act 2000.

However, online gambling is still in the grey area regarding the legal aspects. Residents can still place bets online without any restrictions.

It’s difficult to predict if more states will follow the lead of states like Tamil Nadu or Karnataka, which seem to be pushing for an internet ban.

Only time will tell if India or other states will regulate or ban online gambling.